Press Releases & Research Outputs

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How Human Evolution Explains Support for Populist Leaders
Intuitions based on in-group relations, fairness, and hierarchies lead voters to believe in populist leaders, even when they fail to deliver in office.

Social Exclusion, Polarised Societies, and Technocracy Leads to Populism, New Study Argues
After the 2008 financial crisis, citizens supported more populist forces in Hungary, Greece, Poland, Italy, and several other EU countries.

Partisan Media Erodes Trust in Politics, New Study Claims
Professional media environments that focus on societal issues might help turn people into citizens that trust politics and vote.

In New Study, DEMOS Elaborates on How Populist Policies Work
Populist leaders communicate directly with voters, downplaying policy expertise, opposition parties, and civil society actors' opinions.

High Democratic Efficacy Restrains Populism
The higher the levels of democratic efficacy, the less prone a citizen is to agree with populist statements.

Orbán's Handling of the Coronavirus Shows How Populists Exercise Power
The parliament passed a controversial bill that allowed Hungary's prime minister to rule by decree with minor oversight

DEMOS Identifies Four Types of Populism in European Political Parties
Analysis revealed four types of populism: radical left-wing, radical right-wing populism, illiberal, and anti-establishment populism

Stronger Democratic Institutions Curb Populism
Measures that balance the powers of the state and specify conditions for constitutional revision help hinder populism

Populist Discourse on Social Media Inflames Anti-European Sentiment
Research findings show the existence of many 'populisms' and the need for coordinated policy responses in Europe

DEMOS Creates 'Democratic Efficacy', a Concept to Counter Populism
Idea proposes that citizens have positive attitudes toward politics, follow news regularly, embrace democratic values, and are not biased against political parties

To Strive, Slovak Populists Explore Neglected Social Issues, DEMOS study says
'We Are a Family' explored Slovaks’ debts to push forward populist agenda and win seats in the Parliament