The Consortium

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, the DEMOS project consortium is led by the Centre for Social Sciences, an Excellence Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and is carried out in partnership with 15 institutions in Europe. Reach out to us at:




Centre for Social Sciences, Centre of Excellence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


DEMOS Management Team

Zsolt Boda, Project Leader
boda.zsolt (at)

Szabina Kerényi, Project Manager
Kerenyi.Szabina (at)

Beata Bozsó, Financial Manager
Bozso.Beata (at)

Vinicius Gorczeski, Communications Manager
Vinicius.Gorczeski (at)


CSS Researchers

Gabriella Szabó, Political Science Researcher
szabo.gabriella (at)

Fruzsina Orosz, Legal Studies Researcher
Orosz.Fruzsina (at)

Attila Bartha, Political Science Researcher
bartha.attila (at)






University of Hamburg

Lydia Mechtenberg, Team Leader (Germany)
Lydia.Mechtenberg (at)

European Citizen Action Service, Brussels

Assya Kavrakova, Team Leader (Belgium)
assya.kavrakova (at)


Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

Artur Lipiński, Team Leader (Poland)
artlip (at)

University of Turin

Giuliano Bobba, Team Leader (Italy)
giuliano.bobba (at)


Kaunas University of Technology

Eglė Butkevičienė, Team Leader (Lithuania)
egle.butkeviciene (at)

Glasgow Caledonian University

Umut Korkut, Team Leader (UK)
umut.korkut (at)



Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

Dimitri Sotiropoulos, Team Leader (Greece)
dasotirop (at)


University of Amsterdam

Agneta Fischer, Team leader (Netherlands)
A.H.Fischer (at)


School of Communication and Media, Bratislava

Andrej Skolkay, Team Leader (Slovakia)
askolkay (at)

University of Copenhagen

Helle Krunke, Team Leader (Denmark)
helle.krunke (at)


Charles University, Prague

Martin Mejstřík, Team Leader (Czech Republic)
martin.mejstrik (at)

University of Barcelona

Jose Maria Castella Andreu, Team Leader (Spain)
castella (at)


University for Business Engineering and Management

Dragan Mitrović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
dragan.mitrovic (at)

University of Lorraine

NIcolas Hubé, Team Leader (France)






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