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In this space you can find evidence-based research on populism and democracy which are stemming from the project. Also the place in which you can connect with the project consortium. Through the menu, we provide you with a forum for discussion, research results, policy discussions, podcast episodes, and events.

Press Releases; Research Outputs: in this section, the project makes available press releases on scientific results—these can also be downloaded as peer-reviewed publications or working papers, for free.

Podcast: follow the project podcast to get our researchers' take on populism and democracy.

Forum: the place where you can start a discussion or ask questions about populism and the project research. We encourage your participation even if you're not an expert in the topic. Sign up here.

Newsletter: subscribe to our project newsletter and don't miss the latest about DEMOS, including news, events, and research results.

Terminologies: several scientific disciplines have studied the populist phenomenon, and new knowledge is constantly being added literature. DEMOS explains the key concepts surrounding populism—new concepts will be constantly added.

Events: keep an eye on upcoming conferences, workshops, or roundtables promoted by DEMOS. The project is carried out by 15 partners institutions in Europe and is constantly organizing activities in different countries.


For press requests, suggestions, questions, and comments, reach out to the DEMOS consortium at

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