Scientific Communication Platform

Welcome to the DEMOS Scientific Communication Platform!

We designed this space with journalists and policymakers in mind. Our goal is to offer you research results and foster discussions based on evidence-based research delivered by DEMOS and academia, and contribute to accurate news pieces and policies surrounding the populist phenomenon.

For that, the Scientific Communication Platform features a forum, where you can engage in discussions about populism and democracy, ask questions, and publish content about populism: from news pieces to academic articles. We encourage your participation even if you're not an expert in the topic. Just sign up here.

In the platform, you also have access and can subscribe to our newsletter, and can better understand populism and its multiple impacts on society by reading through our list of terminologies surrounding the populist phenomenom. Our events are also included here—check out what is coming next.

Stay tunned for updates which will include our videos and other multimedia content, scientific results, and more.


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