DEMOS Explains How Populist Leaders Make Policy

Populist policies downplay policy expertise and civil society actors

November 10, 2020 12:00 AM


DEMOS project leader Zsolt Boda (Centre for Social Sciences in Budapest) explains the main features of populist policies in a new video released today (10/11/2020).

Based on his scientific article about the topic, Boda discusses how populist policies usually downplay policy expertise, opposition parties, and civil society actors. It also explains the divisive features of populist communication in the policy making process. 

Boda says that his research has academic and policy implications. "The research helps us better understand the survival potential of populist leaders despite the sometimes poor quality of their policies," Boda says. "And it gives ideas ideas of how to fight against populism, partly by learning from them."

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Read the research paper about populism in policy making here.


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