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November 27, 2019 12:00 AM


The DEMOS project released its first interactive newsletter (27/11). Besides introducing DEMOS’s key approaches to addressing populism—media and populism, legal populism, populist policymaking, and citizens’ reactions to populism in Europe—the newsletter featured the project’s best content, disseminated over the past six months.

That includes videos with in-house scholars, such as the project leader Zsolt Boda, from the Centre for Social Sciences in Budapest, and other reputable political scientists that have given DEMOS interviews about populism and its impacts. These include Jennifer McCoy, Kirk Hawkins, and Levente Littvay.

It also highlighted key blog posts that feed into the key novelties explored by DEMOS—and that were tailor made for the public. One of the project’s most popular posts investigates the relationship between the media and populists, written by Giuliano Bobba and Antonella Seddone, from the University of Turin, DEMOS partner in Italy; another popular article explores the relationship between citizens and populism, written by Assya Kavrakova, Executive Director of the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), DEMOS partner in Brussels.

The newsletter called readers’ attention for what’s coming up next: the Centre for Social Sciences, DEMOS coordinator, will host a conference on constitutional interpretation in European populist regimes on December 5-6. The event is organized by the IACL Working Group on Constitutional Interpretation and is supported by the Centre’s Institute for Legal Studies, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and DEMOS. The first issue of the newsletter also included media articles that Prof. Umut Korkut, DEMOS Glasgow-based researcher and Professor Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University), was featured, including interviews to the Foreign Policy and Wired.

DEMOS stressed that journalists, policymakers, civil society organizations, and scholars might be interested in the project—in fact, DEMOS is for anyone interested in evidence-based research on populism.

Soon, DEMOS will release its Scientific Communication Platform, where users will engage with researchers, discuss topics related to populism, and get free access to innovative research. As a first step, users should register on the website here. This will also allow them to react to our news and blog posts through the comments section. Subscribe to the project newsletter—and don’t miss out on what’s coming next.


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