Populism and Contemporary Democracy in Europe

   25th February 2021 - 26th February 2021

DEMOS will hold an online conference to present its scientific results and discuss the effects of populism on democracy. Taking place between February 25 and 26, the milestone event will focus on how populism has affected institutions of European democracies and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on constitutional democracy. Over 10 DEMOS experts and invited speakers across Europe will also reflect on solutions to address these challenges. Young scholars are welcome to take part in the discussion by submitting their papers by December 20 (see information below).

The two-day DEMOS conference is co-organised by GEDECO (Grupo de studios sobre Democracia y Constitucionalismo) of the University of Barcelona and the Venice Commission for Democracy through Law—the advisory body of the Council of Europe in constitutional matters. The participation of the Venice Commission’s experts provides insights into the ways populism has affected constitutional law making and how European standards adapted to that impact.

The conference

“Populism and Contemporary Democracy in Europe. Between Old Problems and New Challenges” — 25-26 February 2021 (online conference).

Call for papers

A call for papers is open until December 20 for young scholars to take part in the debate. The organisers plan on publishing papers discussed during the conference, either in an issue of a law journal or in book format. Click here for more information.

Contact Information

  • Dr. Marco Antonio Simonelli (University of Barcelona): m.a.simonelli(at)ub.edu

Keynote speakers

  • Nikos Alivizatos, University of Athens - Venice Commission Member
  • Paloma Biglino Campos, University of Valladolid - Venice Commission Member
  • Josep Maria Castellà, University of Barcelona - Venice Commission Member
  • Fruzsina Gardos Orosz, Institute of Legal Studies, Budapest
  • Miroslaw Granat, University of Warsaw - Former Judge at the Polish Constitutional Court
  • Simona Granata Menghini, Acting Director, Secretary of the Venice Commission (a.i)
  • Tania Groppi, University of Siena
  • António Henriques Gaspar, Venice Commission Member -Former President of the Portuguese Supreme Court
  • Helle Krunke, University of Copenhagen - IACL representative in the Venice Commission
  • Kim Lane Scheppele, Princeton University
  • Cesare Pinelli, University of Rome La Sapienza - Venice Commission Member
  • Rafael Rubio Núñez, Complutense University - Venice Commission Member
  • José Tudela Aranda, Secretario General de la Fundación M. Giménez Abad, Zaragoza
  • Teresa Violante, MPI for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg
  • Zoltán Zsente, Research Chair of the Institute of Legal Studies, Budapest

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Josep Maria Castellà Andreu, Full Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Barcelona
  • Prof. Tania Groppi, Full Professor of Public Law, University of Siena
  • Prof. Helle Krunke, Full Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Copenhagen
  • Prof. Zoltán Szente, Resarch Chair of the Institute of Legal Studies, Budapest

Organising Committee

  • Dr. Marco Antonio Simonelli
  • Dr. Nuria Gonzalez Campañá
  • Juan Tello Mendoza