Don't think in black and white—Does populism simplify discourse?

   27th September 2019

Who are the supporters of populist parties? How do winners and losers of globalization vote? Join DEMOS during the Researchers' Night event on September 27 to have an overview of how the project tackles these questions—and more. Representing DEMOS, the project leader Zsolt Boda will present common features of populism. An interactive game will follow, in which participants will have the chance to show that the populist phenomenon is not simply "good" or "bad". The event will take place at the project coordinator's venue in Budapest—the Centre for Social Sciences, an Excellence Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The DEMOS in the Researchers' Night event will be an opportunity for participants to directly interact with researchers involved in the project. We will welcome participants with snacks and soft drinks in two sessions; one in English language and another in Hungarian language.
DEMOS will be able to host 20 participants at once for each session — if you would like to participate, please register in advance. Registration is free and will be opened from September 14. How to register:
English session — September 27 at 6 PM. Registration:
Hungarian session — September 27 at 7:30 PM. Registration: