DEMOS Discusses Populist Governance in Russian Conference

   27th September 2019 - 28th September 2019

DEMOS Budapest-based researcher Dorottya Szikra will take part in the international conference "Paths of Russia. Narodniks and Populists," organized by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences between 27-28 September 2019.
On September 27, Szikra will present the paper "Populist governance, democratic down-sliding and the welfare state. A comparative overview of Russia, Turkey and Hungary". In her talk she will discuss the connections between the concepts of populism, illiberalism, and the welfare state. The goal is to assess theories explaining the relationships between autocratic change and welfare state efforts. She will also make a small-n comparative analysis using macro-level data on the level and the structure of welfare spending in Russia, Turkey, and Hungary to assess the impact of the political U-turn on these countries’ welfare states.
On 30 September she will take part in the roundtable discussion "Social policy reforms in modern Russia: the methods of research, the economic context and the political meaning," organized by the Journal of Social Policy Research. For the discussion, she will discuss research of the welfare state in East and Central Europe, with focus on populist policymaking in Poland and Hungary. 
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