Umut Korkut discusses populist politics and knowledge production at ISA International Conference

   1st August 2019 - 3rd August 2019

DEMOS Glasgow-based professor and researcher Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University) will take part in the ISA International Conference 2019, Accra.  The conference will take place on August 1-3 and is hosted by the University of Ghana, Africa. Korkut will present the paper Do knowledge Production Mechanisms Affect the Making of Populist Parties? Social Media, the Intelligentsia and Refugee Politics. The paper was written with professor Ozge Ozduzen (Loughborough University London). 

The researchers’ panel—production and consumption of knowledge in the Global South—will examine the (false) dichotomy between North-South and producers-consumers in the discourse and knowledge of various disciplines including International Studies as interdisciplinary. 

Korkut and Ozduzen will argue that knowledge production is embedded in political processes. Manifestations of populism with domestic and international politics are organically related to the role that public debates play in effect to issues. The authors looked into two sources of knowledge production: the intelligentsia and social media, in effect to refugees in Turkey. They used two data sources: the hashtags #GetOutSyrians; #NoSyriansInTurkey and the intelligentsia’s discourse favouring the AKP’s position regarding Turkey’s hosting of Syrian refugees. 

Korkut and Ozduzen collected the first set of data when these hashtags hit Twitter trends. The second data set covered the duration after the 2015 general elections, and elaborated on the discourse that the right-wing intelligentsia set evaluating the AKP policies towards the Syrian refugees involving the Turkey-EU deal, Turkey’s invasion of Northern Syria, and the expansion of informal economy relying on the Syrian workforce in Southern Turkey.

Check out the conference program below.

The Conference: ISA Accra 2019

Venue: Legon Center for International Affairs & Diplomacy, University of Ghana.

When: August 1-3: 8 AM – 8:30 PM

Program details at:


DEMOS researcher panel

SA06: Production and consumption of Knowledge in the Global South

August 3: 9 AM – 10:30 AM

Chairs and Discussants

  • Chair: T. V. Paul (McGill University)
  • Discussant: Nicholas Chan (Monash University Malaysia)


Currents of Knowledge: Knowledge Production in the Global South Informing Global North Pedagogy and Practice

  • Author: Jessica Scott (West Virginia Wesleyan College )
  • Author: Coty Martin (West Virginia University)
  • Author: Tamara Bailey (West Virginia Wesleyan College)

When the South Divides the North: The Politics of Knowledge in Burundi

  • Author: Stanislas Bigirimana (Africa University)

Do Knowledge Production Mechanisms affect the Making of Populist Politics? Social Media, the Intelligentsia and Refugee Politics

  • Author: Ozge Ozduzen (Loughborough University London)
  • Author: Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University)

North or South: Is Knowledge Produced or Discovered?

  • Author: Elias Courson (Niger Delta University)