Episode #6: Top Frequently Asked Questions About Populism

Is populism a threat to democracy? If populism is bad, how to counter it? In this new episode of the DEMOS podcast, three experts answer Google’s top 5 frequently asked questions about populism.

To answer these important questions, Lenka Kordovaníková, a DEMOS’s communications trainee, hosts DEMOS’s project leader Zsolt Boda (Centre for Social Sciences, CSS), project legal scholar Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz (CSS), and distinguished scholar on populism and invited guest Levente Littvay (Central European University).

They cover the topic from multiple perspectives – and give you insights into incoming DEMOS research on how democratic skills and education help counter populist challenges in today’s world.

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More from Episode #6

Zsolt Boda (Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest) explains what triggers populist politics:

Levente Littvay (Central European University) discusses why populism has a negative impact on democracy:

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