Episode #5: Can Citizens Influence Policymaking?

The DEMOS podcast explores how Citizens' Assemblies benefit democracy


In deliberative practices, citizens voice their opinions and influence policymaking. DEMOS is co-organizing a Citizens’ Assembly with the Budapest City Council as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Citizens from local communities are gathering to discuss and debate common problems and the best ideas to solve them. Decision-makers use these ideas to formulate policies.

To reflect on how the initiative works and why it matters, Giulia Ursini, a trainee at the Centre for Social Sciences, Budapest (CSS), the DEMOS coordinator, interviewed Dániel Oross, a Research Fellow at CSS and a member of the management committee of a COST Action on constitution-making and deliberative democracy.

They discuss why the new practice is an effective tool to enhance citizens’ participation in democracy and how DEMOS is studying the process to help address the challenges associated with populism.

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