Episode #4: Populism Versus Anti-Populism

The DEMOS team in Greece explores what non-populist parties can do better

We have seen populism rise in the last decades. The financial crisis, migration, globalization, rising inequalities, and the feeling that many people have that they have been left behind have made populist politicians very attractive. People have stopped trusting the elites and public institutions — including the media and governments. Can non-populist parties do better to reverse that trend? What role does the media play in helping society discern populist politics?

In this episode of the DEMOS podcast, Odin Linardatou, Head of Communications at the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) discusses all these questions with Dimitri Sotiropoulos, Senior Research Fellow at ELIAMEP, Professor of Political Science at the University of Athens, and DEMOS co-investigator in Greece, and Manos Tsatsanis, Research Fellow at ELIAMEP, expert in comparative political analysis, and member of the DEMOS project. This episode was produced by ELIAMEP.

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