Work Plan

The work plan of DEMOS consists of 11 Work Packages (WP). One WP is dedicated to managing the project, while another builds up the project validation and quality assurance. DEMOS has one WP planned for dissemination and communication activities—from the beginning to the end of the project.

Eight WPs take central stage in elaborating the scientific work in the project consortium. Among these WPs, one elaborates the analytical framework and starts an empirical research on the populist phenomena. Another develops the concept of democratic efficacy and grounds it on empirical terms. Afterwards, a WP was set up to focus on the socio-psychological aspects of populism at the micro-level, while another WP studies the macro-level: governance and public policy.

The work also includes gauging the impact of populism at micro-, meso-, and macro-levels. The work will pave the way for a WP accounting for social responses and reactions to populism—demonstrating democratic efficacy in practice. An entire WP is devoted to developing educational tools through pilots and action research. A Work Package then draws upon results to formulate and put forward crucial policy recommendations.