DEMOS Researchers Present Work at Populism Conference in Prague

   27th May 2019 - 28th May 2019

DEMOS will take part in the conference “Current Populism in Europe: What’s Next?, in Prague, Czech Republic, between May 27th and 28th. Researchers from the partner institutions University of Turin (UNITO), Italy; the School of Communication and Media (SKAMBA), Slovakia; and Charles University (CUNI), Czech Republic, which organizes the conference, will discuss concepts, measurements, and attitudes related to populism. Such aspects feed into the work plan of the project.

Andrej Školkay, who leads research at SKAMBA, will present the paper A Democratic Illiberalism, or a Formal Political Logic without a Predetermined Ideological Content? on May 27. It emphasizes Ernesto Laclau’s definition of populism as universally valid, which opens possibilities for understanding its roots and causes in Social Sciences and politics. Without that, Social Sciences would fail to provide a “cure” for populism. Školkay contributed to a DEMOS report on conceptualizing varieties of populism.

On May 28, UNITO lead researcher Giuliano Bobba, with Antonella Seddone, Moreno Mancosu, and Cristina Cremonesi, will present the paper Measuring Media Populism in Italy and Greece: Results from an expert survey pilot study. For DEMOS, UNITO will survey journalists in different countries to gauge their reactions to populism, an entirely novel approach to media populism studies. “Having data from an expert survey about how media outlets may be considered closed or open to populism will add real value for that task,” Bobba says.

DEMOS Prague-based researcher Vlastimil Havlík, with Veronika Dostálová (Masaryk University, Brno), will present on May 28 the paper The Big 5 and Populist Attitudes in the Czech Republic, about the structure of populist attitudes and how they are influenced by personality traits among Czech voters. The researchers’ findings indicate that populist attitudes also affect three important populist features: anti-elitism, unlimited popular sovereignty, and homogeneity and virtuousness of the people. For DEMOS, Havlík does quantitative analyses.



The 5th Prague Populism Conference, organized by Charles University
27 – 28 May 2019

Goethe-Institut Prague
Masarykovo nábř. 32, Prague 1

Those interested in participating in the 5th Prague Populism Conference are welcome to register (sending name and affiliation) at the following e-mail address: by May, 24, 2019. There is no conference fee.

Check out the conference programme here and follow updates on CUNI’s website and on the conference page on Facebook.

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